Application Example: Voestalpine Polynorm Group

In-house development of special tools and robot production processes

Incredible production flexibility, while still ensuring efficient production – even of the smallest batches. Rotary tables from WEISS impress yet again.


The Voestalpine Polynorm Group manufactures bodywork parts for the automotive industry. To this end the group develops efficient production means which are specifically adapted to production by product groups. In the interest of lower total cost of ownership and a faster return on investment.


In particular, WEISS heavy duty tables and electromagnetic tables are used. In order to achieve an ergonomic working height, the heavy duty tables are recessed in the floor, which is facilitated by their low overall height. The motion sequences of ABB robots and rotary tables can be perfectly synchronised due to the high precision of the WEISS tables. And last but not least, the reliability and durability of the WEISS components increase the return on investment.
Products in use
CR model range CR model range
Freely programmable heavy duty table
TC model range TC model range
Fixed-station indexer
TR model range TR model range
Fixed-station rotary indexing ring
Optimum coordination of the various motion sequences is essential. WEISS rotary indexing tables provide us with the support we need here.

Rinse Deenik
Equipment Engineer, Voestalpine Polynorm


  • The working height of heavy duty tables ensures an ergonomic working environment
  • Reliability and durability reduce total cost of ownership
  • Optimum synchronisation of motion sequences between table and external systems
  • CR700 recessed in the floor
    CR700 recessed in the floor
  • CR1300: Low system height greatly simplifies assembly
    CR1300: Low system height greatly simplifies assembly
  • Robot and rotary table movements are synchronised.
    Robot and rotary table movements are synchronised.